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5 Carpet trends that will make you rethink your bare floorboards

A carpet in the living room has got volumes to speak on your personality, style and taste.
To bring an air of welcome into the room, the choice of the right carpet becomes a must.



1.Deep plum and Berry colours . 

 It can be sumptuous, calming, indulgent and classy, as these new looks prove. It  adds instant warmth to a scheme.


2. Natural tones and shapes are IN ! 

Undulating lines and a slightly 3D effect .
‘The discreet colour palette gives a modern twist to what is a nostalgic print,’ says Jodie Hatton, Creative Designer 

 3. Iconic stripes






 4. Pale and pure

Achieve the feeling with you'd associate with Nordic style  .... a clean, minimalistic feel that works with the simple shapes, lines and pale colours .

The Scandi look isn’t going anywhere.

 5. Milkshake colours

Alternative Flooring is championing shades of raspberry, vanilla and peanut – classic milkshake colours – as the new
neutrals. These deeper, warmer tones are still pale, but more forgiving than white or something close to it.







Tips . 

- The amount of light  your living room receives should act as a yardstick for choosing the color of your carpet.

- If the room is well lit, then you may go for darker shades.

- To attain a calm and modern look, colours which are
beside each other in the colour wheel may prove to complimentary to one another.


- If you have a small room, can make it look bigger with your choice of interior design and one method is to go for lighter shades of carpet. The use of dark colors can give a warm and cozy feeling .


- As a general guide, neutral carpets work best in modest-sized living rooms, as pale colours make the space seem larger.

You can make a spacious living room feel cosy and inviting by fitting a dark carpet. Reds and browns work particularly well.

Any of these designs would be a fine way to stop the draught from coming up between the floorboards, don’t you think?

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