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Decorations the way you want them, where you want them. *** New in

Interior decoration: this is where Orac's heart lies. They focus on constantly renewing their technology, materials and design. For over 40 years, they have worked with great passion to develop and manufacture decorative finishes for your interior.


"Where most people see a bare wall, we see a blank canvas." Orac Decor
Their philosophy?
To stimulate creativity and to inspire users to create exceptional spaces that highlight their personalities. Orac Decor® products make this possible and simple, with easy installation, versatility and ease of use. From functional skirting boards to characterful cornice mouldings: ORAC stands for complete creative freedom based on your own style and personality.


"Do what you want, where you want, and you will always be unique thanks to the personal solution you create. Making that possible is the essence of Orac Decor®"



Orac Decor® allows you to bring beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting design into your home. They strive for continuous improvement in all areas. That's simple in theory, but in practice, Orac company mission requires extensive effort – from product development to after-sales. In every department, the focus is on the customer. THey only have one goal: to achieve a personally decorated space and an enthusiastic customer.







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